IABCA 2023 Northstar Spring Sieger

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The password has been changed so please send me a note at steve@loscheider.org and I’ll get it to you.

Saturday May 6 @ 9:54 PM – Saturday Candids are uploading. 1,102 images, It’ll take some time.  DONE

Saturday May 6 @ 11:33 PM – Sunday Candids are processing thenuploading. 2,426 images, should be done by morning. DONE

Sunday May 7 @ 4:03 AM – Posed images are uploading.  Please let me know if you need an image touched up.

If you need to pay for images you can do so here :  Pay For Photo Services

Once uploaded the images will be available for download here: https://loscheider.zenfolio.com/f843144485