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UGSDA 2018 Fall Show

2018-12-07 9:36:29 AM – Posed photos were uploaded last night.  Please let me know of any edit’s you’d like done. 2018-12-08 2:01:57 PM – Saturday Candids are uploading now, there’s 1,940 so it will take a while. 6:51:53 PM – Just finished Saturday Candids upload. … Continue readingUGSDA 2018 Fall Show

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NLAEDA 2018 Fall Show

2018-10-03 1:46:02 AM – Posed images have been uploaded, Saturday Juniors are uploading now. 2018-10-03 8:44:07 AM – Saturday Juniors are done uploading, Saturday general candids are uploading now – remember there are posed photos at the end of the candids.  We had to use … Continue readingNLAEDA 2018 Fall Show

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