Red Pine Kennel Club Show 2018

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Due to the limited space for a backdrop please contact me with 1 or 2 images to work on to make them look better.  I’ve done very little touch up so let me know your picks.


  • 7/9 9:59 PM – Uploading the posed images now, the candids will be uploading over the next few days.
  • 7/10 6:15 AM – Posed images, juniors and regular conformation candids for Saturday have been uploaded.  Friday candids are uploading now.
  • 7/13 9:32 PM – Uploading weight pull images, estimate completion at 1 AM.  Working on culling the Sunday candids, hope to be uploading them tomorrow evening.
  • 7/14 6:42 AM – Weight Pull is done
  • 7/14 6:49 PM – Uploading Sunday Candids now – should be complete by midnight (1,700 images)
  • 7/16 – Should have posted earlier but all images are uploaded.

Link to the show photos: