What Can I Do For You?

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  • Need help getting a website established for your club?
  • Want to have online entries for your next event?
  • Want ownership of your domain name with formal email addresses for your event officers?

I can help you with that and more.  I make use of WordPress and various plugins to provide you with a secure stable website offering shopping cart services, event registration, the ability for you to create your own custom forms and most importantly, control the flow of your club information without relying on Face Book.

What you will get:

  • Your own domain name that you will own.  You will be able to direct your members to www.myclub.org to get their information.  Should you ever decide to go with a different provider you can take  your domain with you
  • 5 email addresses so you can have a layer of separation to your identity.  I suggest addresses like membership@myclub.org, showsecretary@myclub.org, etc… This makes it much easier to deal with different members filling various roles throughout the life of the club.
  • Hosting services – I use Dream Host to host my websites.  Dream Host is one of the top providers of hosting services providing nearly 100% up time reliability.
  • I’ll register your domain for a SSL certificate – this provides increased security for your visitors.
  • A website based on the WordPress open source platform.  WordPress estimates that 31% of websites are based on WordPress, it’s fairly easy to learn with a web based interface designed around posts (like a blog) and pages (traditional websites).  Yes, you should be a bit tech savvy, if you’re in the “I hate computers” group this isn’t for you.  If you are comfortable with web based systems (webmail, Facebook settings, PayPal, online banking, etc) you should be able to get around in WordPress.  You will have Administrator rights, that means you will have the power to break things 🙂 I recommend you maintain a second account with slightly reduced rights for your day to day maintenance.  I will also have Administrator rights so I can perform routine maintenance and help you when you need it.
  • Envira Gallery Pro – This is a photo gallery tool allowing you to easily create protected photo galleries for your site.  The pro version includes every feature available.  Read more at https://enviragallery.com/
  • All In One WordPress Security plugin configured to maximize the security of your website.
  • Visual Form Builder Pro for creating custom forms for whatever you need.  That could include membership applications, contact forms for building a mailing list, simple surveys or event registrations.  I’ve used VFB Pro to set up several UKC dog clubs with online show registrations
  • If you need to accept payments for things like membership dues or event registrations I can help you get setup with ECWID and/or PayPal.

I’ll be up front, you can do all this yourself – the links to the services and software are right there in the list. What I offer is taking care of the details of maintaining the back end.  I’ll purchase multi site licenses to get better deals when possible.  I’ll make sure your software stays up to date, the hosting plans get paid for, the domain name gets renewed and more.  I’ll also be able to help you get everything set up and running and be here to help when you need it.

The Catch: This isn’t my full time job, I work a day job and wont be available for 24/4 support.  Send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  I normally work evenings except in the summer when I work days.

How much will it cost?  $120 per year.  The annual fee includes the annual domain name fee, hosting services and any ongoing software fees.