IABCA 2020 North Star Spring Sieger

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Hi everyone, I’ve been working on sorting images.  I should have them all uploaded by the end of the weekend.

I haven’t received a list of breeds entered in the show so I apologize in advance as I’m sure I got some of the breeds wrong but made a best guess…

2020-03-14 – 2:23:04 PM – Posed images have been uploaded.  Working on Candids now.

3:27:23 PM – Candids from Sunday are uploading now – it’ll take several hours 1,108 images

4:49:57 PM – Candids are done uploading.  Let me know if you need any images touched up – I know there is a roll of tape on the table for one dog 🙂


If you need to pay for photos click here: Pay For Photos From a Show

Link to photos: https://loscheider.zenfolio.com/f600797999