IABCA 2021 North Star Spring Sieger

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Thanks everyone for a great weekend!  What a year this has been – It was wonderful to see familiar faces again as well as meet some new ones  🙂

I’ll be working on cleaning up images over the next week and will post an update here when I start uploading images.

  • 2021-04-14 – 11:41:46 PM – Saturday Candids have finished uploading, 2,212 images
  • 2021-04-18 – 8:59:22 AMIt’s Sunday!  Posed images are uploading right now.  Please be patient, there’s nearly 1,000 of them and it will take a while.  For the most part it’s working in alphabetical order.  Let me know if you need a photo or two touched up.
  • 2021-04-18 – 1:21:31 PMPosed images have finished uploading
  • 2021-04-20 – 12:19:55 AMSunday Candids are uploading now, should be done by morning… 1,696 images 🙂
  • 2021-04-20 – 8:24:39 AM – Sunday Candids have finished uploading, that should be everything 🙂

Images may be viewed and downloaded from the following site:

Show Photos From the 2021 IABCA North Star Spring Sieger

If you need to pay for photos click here to do so – thanks for your support.